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Mar 05

M855 Ammo Ban – Avoiding Scams

One thing is for sure… There are a lot of assholes in the world. Some of them are surfacing during the ATF’s proposed M855 ammo ban. This video by Funnin Gunnin gives some great info on how to avoid M855 ammo scams.

Dec 31

Lake City Surplus 5.56x45mm 55gr FMJ Velocity Test

Buffman does a velocity test of Lake City Surplus 5.56x45mm (XM193) 55gr FMJ ammunition. The test rifles include a Yugo M85PV PAP with 10.25″ barrel and a Stag Arms Model 1L with 16″ barrel.

Jul 23

Ballistic Penetration Testing – .308, 5.56 Nato, .223 Winchester , 7.62×39 , 9mm and 22 LR

Ballistic Penetration Testing of various protective armor using the following calibers: .308, 5.56 Nato, .223 Winchester , 7.62×39 , 9mm and 22 LR.

Nov 18

5.56mm NATO Green Tip Accuracy Test

A 200 yard accuracy test of 5.56mm NATO Green Tip ammo, fired from an AR-15 with 16” barrel.

Nov 22

5.56 – .223 Ammo Comparison

A comparison of several different 5.56 / 2.23 ammo rounds from various manufacturers.