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Jun 13

Weekend 5.56 Ammo Delivery

I didn’t expect a weekend delivery, but nevertheless, my American Eagle 5.56 ammo order from Target Sports USA came rolling in today! Nice!! Thanks to the crew at Target Sports USA for the fast shipping! Image Notes: American Eagle 5.56 Ammo Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15 Rifle Aimpoint PRO Samson 3.5x Magnifier with RAM Quick Flip …

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Mar 05

M855 Ammo Ban – Avoiding Scams

One thing is for sure… There are a lot of assholes in the world. Some of them are surfacing during the ATF’s proposed M855 ammo ban. This video by Funnin Gunnin gives some great info on how to avoid M855 ammo scams.

Oct 23

Federal American Eagle AR 5.56 Fresh Fire Pack

An overview of the Federal American Eagle AR 5.56 Fresh Fire Pack. This nitrogen sealed, waterproof, and weatherproof can contains 30 rounds.

Mar 31

Federal 5.56mm Tracer Fire

The guys at Highjak86 show off some Federal 5.56mm Tracer Fire at 600 yards.

Mar 16

5.56 Ammo Breakdown

In the name of science, the guys at Highjak86 breakdown some .223/5.56 ammo, including 55gr Federal American Eagle FMJ, 55gr Federal XM193, 55gr Hornady VMax Moly, 62gr PMC X-TAC (green tip), and 55gr Wolf FMJ.

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